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3151 Charleston Highway
West Columbia, SC 29172

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Aerial Lifts - Boom Lifts2013 Genie BLEZ30$23,850.00 USDMore →
Aerial Lifts2013 Genie BLEZ34$20,850.00 USDMore →
Aerial Lifts - Scissor Lifts2013 Genie BLEZ34$18,750.00 USDMore →
Aerial Lifts - Scissor Lifts2012 Genie BLEZ45$22,750.00 USDMore →
Asphalt / Concrete / Paving - Asphalt Pavers2015 VÖGELE 5103-2$20,000.00 USDMore →
Asphalt / Concrete / Paving - Asphalt Pavers2018 LeeBoy 8510D$109,000.00 USDMore →
Asphalt / Concrete / Paving - Asphalt Pavers2017 LeeBoy 8520$139,850.00 USDMore →
Asphalt / Concrete / Paving - Asphalt Pavers2019 LeeBoy 8520$136,850.00 USDMore →
Asphalt / Concrete / Paving - Cold Planers2018 Caterpillar PC306B$17,000.00 USDMore →
Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2014 Roadtec SB 2500E$198,850.00 USDMore →
Attachments - Buckets Caterpillar 314E 42 BK$3,500.00 USDMore →
Attachments - Thumbs Caterpillar 320 THUMB$4,250.00 USDMore →
Attachments - Buckets Caterpillar 320E 42 BK$6,550.00 USDMore →
Attachments - Buckets Caterpillar 328D 54 IN.BK$8,750.00 USDMore →
Attachments - Buckets Caterpillar 336 BKCP60$8,500.00 USDMore →
Attachments - Thumbs Caterpillar 336 THUMB$5,850.00 USDMore →
Attachments - Buckets2016 Rockland 336F BKT$8,500.00 USDMore →
Attachments - Thumbs Caterpillar 336F THUMB$5,850.00 USDMore →
Attachments - Buckets2014 Caterpillar 416F 24BK$1,600.00 USDMore →
Attachments - Buckets Caterpillar 420 BKDC48$3,500.00 USDMore →
Attachments - Buckets Caterpillar 420E ITBK$2,750.00 USDMore →
Attachments - Buckets Caterpillar 420FBKITGP$3,000.00 USDMore →
Attachments - Buckets Caterpillar 420FITGPBK$275,000.00 USDMore →
Attachments - Buckets Caterpillar 908H BK 81$3,000.00 USDMore →
Attachments - Buckets Caterpillar 924K FUBK$6,500.00 USDMore →
Attachments - Buckets Caterpillar 924K ITBKT$4,250.00 USDMore →
Attachments - Buckets Caterpillar 926M BK2.7$5,000.00 USDMore →
Attachments - Grapples Rockland 930G GRAPPLE$9,850.00 USDMore →
Attachments - Buckets Caterpillar 938 HO BKT$6,500.00 USDMore →
Attachments - Buckets Caterpillar 938K GP BK$6,500.00 USDMore →

There's a reason why Blanchard Cat is known as South Carolina's Dependable Partner. For more than 30 years the Blanchard family has earned its customers' trust and loyalty by providing quality products and services that just can't be beat.

Equipment to Fit Your Needs

Your authorized Cat dealer in South Carolina, Blanchard Cat has a wide inventory of new, used and rental Caterpillar equipment and work tool attachments to fit all of your needs. Whether you're looking for construction and earthmoving equipment, ag equipment, forestry equipment, industrial equipment or more, Blanchard Cat's experienced team of professionalscan help you choose the perfect piece.

Looking for new or used parts for your Caterpillar equipment? Blanchard Cat has those, too.Getthe parts you need, when you need them at Blanchard Cat's online shop, where you can browse more than 1.4 million new Cat parts any time of the day or night, and then have them delivered right to your job site!

Service and Repair

If you need a hand with service and repairs, the company's repair specialists are committed to ensuring your machine runs smoothly and reliably from year to year. Take a look at Blanchard Cat's service department by the numbers:
  • Industry-leading 98.5 percent fill rate in 24 hours
  • More than six fully equipped lube trucks and trained technicians available both day and night
  • 200 Cat-certified technicians
  • More than 65 field-service trucks covering South Carolina
  • More than 10,000 Caterpillar used and aftermarket parts
  • Online parts ordering available 24/7
  • 125,000 individual line items with daily replenishment

    3151 Charleston Highway
    West Columbia SC 29172
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    Fax: 803-796-8082

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    Parts Manager

    Google Map of Blanchard CAT 3151 Charleston Highway, West Columbia, SC, 29172