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1817 Federal Road
Houston, TX 77015
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Director Used Fleet Sales : Todd Lindstrom
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Red-D-Arc sells professionally maintained used welding and cutting equipment, weld automation systems, generators and distribution panels, and blast cleaning equipment at a discount. Our professionally maintained equipment is regularly serviced by our factory-trained technicians so you can rest assured that our used equipment is safe to operate and in good working order. With Red-D-Arc, you are getting quality equipment, backed by a company you can trust.

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Air Compressors2011 Sullair 375HH$25,001.00 More →
Miscellaneous Power2016 Trystar 4X30DP$2,600.00 More →
Miscellaneous Power2016 Trystar 8X30DP$2,600.00 More →
Miscellaneous Power - Power Distribution Panel2007 Red-D-Arc DP4X100$2,600.00 More →
Miscellaneous Power - Power Distribution Panel2007 Red-D-Arc DP6X60$2,600.00 More →
Welders - Weld Automation Machine Models KOIKE AGW-2$65,000.00 More →
Welders2019 Red-D-Arc AHPS4$1,100.00 More →
Welders2008 Lincoln DC-655$1,450.00 More →
Welders2006 Red-D-Arc DP120$700.00 More →
Welders Red-D-Arc DP75$3,620.00 More →
Welders2013 Miller EX360/XMT350$2,100.00 More →
Welders2016 Red-D-Arc MAN-O-MATIC$170,000.00 More →
Welders - Weld Automation Machine Models2013 Gardener MD682$1,800.00 More →
Welders - Weaver Control Module2005 Bug-O MDS-1005$775.00 More →
Welders2010 Bug-O MPD1000 PACKAGE$2,950.00 More →
Welders Lincoln NA3S$2,400.00 More →
Welders2012 Miller PIPE PRO MIG$3,550.00 More →
Welders Lincoln POWER WAVE S350$2,200.00 More →
Welders2015 Lincoln PRECISION 275$3,075.00 More →
Welders Red-D-Arc SB80$625.00 More →
Welders2013 Miller XMT350 CC/CV$2,100.00 More →
Welders2014 Miller XR-35W$600.00 More →