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Ring Power Corp

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500 World Commerce Parkway
St Augustine FL 32092
Ph: 904-494-1431
Fax: 904-281-0221

Used Equipment Sales Manager: Frank Streva
Ph: 904-494-1431
Google Map of Ring Power Corp 500 World Commerce Parkway, St Augustine, FL, 32092

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Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2018 LeeBoy 4150$205,000.00 USDMore →
Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2016 LeeBoy 8510C$79,000.00 USDMore →
Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2013 LeeBoy 8515C$59,000.00 USDMore →
Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2017 LeeBoy 8616C$95,000.00 USDMore →
Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2012 Caterpillar AP1000E$230,000.00 USDMore →
Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2017 Caterpillar RM300$415,000.00 USDMore →
Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2015 Caterpillar RM300$345,000.00 USDMore →
Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2015 Caterpillar RM500$650,000.00 USDMore →
Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2015 Caterpillar RM500B$650,000.00 USDMore →
Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2014 Caterpillar RM500B$570,000.00 USDMore →
Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2007 Terex RS425CCall for PriceMore →
Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2003 Wirtgen W2200Call for PriceMore →
Attachments2017 LeeBoy CHALL7$69,000.00 USDMore →
Attachments2015 Broce Broom CR-350$39,000.00 USDMore →
Attachments2016 Broce Broom CRT-350$39,000.00 USDMore →
Backhoe Loaders2007 JCB 4CX$32,000.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2017 Weiler C307$83,000.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2017 Caterpillar CB10$160,000.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2017 Caterpillar CB10$145,000.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2018 Caterpillar CB13$140,000.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2013 Caterpillar CB64$105,000.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2018 Caterpillar CB64B$155,000.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2017 Caterpillar CB64B$145,000.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2017 Caterpillar CB7$125,000.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2017 Caterpillar CB7$120,000.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2015 Caterpillar CP56B$119,000.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2005 Caterpillar CS433E$39,000.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2018 Caterpillar CS44B$140,000.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2017 Caterpillar CS44B$95,000.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2019 Caterpillar CS44BCAB$135,000.00 USDMore →

Ring Power

For Ring Power, it all began on the water.

In 1947, L.C. Ringhaver, or "Ring," as he was known, landed in St. Augustine, FL via Cleveland Ohio. Then thirty-six years of age, he was asked to find a way to increase production at DESCO, a shrimp boat company that was trying to meet the demands of a post-war boom in business.

Ring oversaw a large jump in productivity as he implanted assembly line techniques he had picked up during his career. By the early 50’s, DESCO grew to be the largest builder of shrimp trawlers in the world.

As Ring brought the company to greater and greater success, the company developed a strong relationship with Caterpillar as Ring came to depend upon and trust their reliability. The relationship was taken further in 1962 when Caterpillar chose Ring as its official engine dealer. Ring Power Corporation was formed.

Over the years, the relationship between Ring Power Corporation and Caterpillar grew stronger, and in 1986 Caterpillar chose Ring Power Corporation as its Central Florida Dealer.

Today, Ring Power Corporation has become one the largest Caterpillar dealers in the Southeast, always expanding its offerings to the customer.

Used Equipment at Ring Power
Ring Power Corporation provides a host of heavy equipment solutions, featuring hydraulic excavators, articulated dump trucks, cranes, backhoe loaders and more. The company offers a host of finance options, as well as expert technicians who are trained to answer customer’s questions on a variety of issues.

Ring Power’s Used Equipment on Construction Equipment Guide
The Web site for Construction Equipment Guide lists hundreds of pieces of Ring Power’s used equipment. Our holdings offer detailed information on each piece, including Hours, Make/Model, and Serial/Stock numbers. In addition, the CEG database contains thousands of photos of Ring Power’s used equipment.

The Construction Equipment Guide Web site offers a convenient and fast way to look up the most detailed information on used equipment. In addition, CEG is unique in that in addition to offering a large used equipment database, it also offers the latest news on the industry. CEG readers have come to trust the publication as a relied upon source for industry trends that affect them directly.

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CEG also provides easy access to specific dealer information, allowing readers to immediately contact dealers like Ring Power with any questions they may have in a variety of means.

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This page is your gateway to get the latest information on Ring Power’s used equipment, as well any news articles about the company.

500 World Commerce Parkway
St Augustine FL 32092
Ph: 904-494-1431
Fax: 904-281-0221

Used Equipment Sales Manager
Frank Streva
Ph: 904-494-1431
Google Map of Ring Power Corp 500 World Commerce Parkway, St Augustine, FL, 32092